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We remember the  contributions by organisers from what was known as “Head Office” who travelled throughout the state, visiting clubs, attending meetings  and organising camps and contests.

Please help us add to this incomplete list.  

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Rural Youth History Project

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1947 to 1954  Junior Farmers Clubs

Tommy Williams - first Club Organiser

Cliff Thoroughgood

Cyril  Lilley

1954 to 1970s  Junior Farmers Organisation Rural Youth Organisation

John Park  - State Organiser

John Nutting - State Organiser

Tom Sharman

Stewart Jackson

Ted Dobbs

Robyn McDonald (Dobbs)

John Sinclair

Annette Kirkwood

Anne Rothwell

Keith Bagnall

Carla de Vos

Peter Long

Peter Barnes

Joseph Ng

Brian Hayles

Keith Wingate

David  Elson

Gerard Langevard

John  Holberton

State Organisers 1974 to 1980s


Bob Malcolm  - State Organiaser

Denise Reghenzani