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The new Rural Youth History Team is getting things moving on this important project in 2022.


To research, write and publish a book detailing the history of the Junior Farmers and Rural Youth organisations in Queensland, the earliest days from 1946 until the late 1980’s.

The book will be published as a hard copy, offered for sale and distributed to Libraries throughout Queensland.

It will also be available on line as an e-book.

We need your help. Please, past members send us stories to be part of the book. We are looking for local clubs’ histories and their contributions to local communities. We need photos.

But first we need names, numbers and e-mail addresses of past members who we can contact to ask for them for their stories.

We have found many past members are too modest to tell their stories. Please, if you know someone who might have something to contribute then ‘dob them in’.  Send us the their details and we’ll talk to them.

We also need names of members who have made outstanding contributions to their community or wider.

Please e-mail names, stories photos to


Or post to

Rural Youth History Project

PO Box 133

Bald Hills Q 4036

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Visitors in 2020 - 2021

Members of the 1958 RNA Show Camp  visit the NSW Bank and get to hold large wads of money.

L-R   Ian Chalk (Exchangee from Tasmanian RY)

(Name missing)

Patricia Power (Biundaberg Club)

( Name missing) Neville _ _ __

Just a part of what we have collected so far:

Click these links -

Outstanding  Club Achievements

Historic Photos


Top  member Achievers

Head Office Organisers  - Names and years

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It’s time to record the story of the Queensland Junior Farmers and Rural Youth Organisations before that history is lost.

There’s Movement on the Station -  What’s happening in  2022

New team - 2022

President - Frank Lippett  - Brisbane Club

Vice President - Edith Fogg - Samsonvale Club

Hon Secretary -Treasurer - John  Nutting  -  Kilkivan and Cambooya Clubs

Team Members -

John Power - Past President

Jim Bowden - Rural Youth Page Editor Qld Country Life Newspaper

Dr. Michael Vaughan – Hendra High School Club - Historian at Griffith University

Peter Scott- Nanango Club - Many years experience with Publishing

Jan Veacock   - Toowomba Club  Historian

Trevor Hando - Beenleigh Club

Vince McShane - Samsonvale Club

Ken Folliott   - Brisbane Club

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